photograph by Cheyenne Johnson Photography

photograph by Cheyenne Johnson Photography

Hello + Welcome

Hi yall! My name is Kelsey Duncan, soon to be Wake. Short & sweet intro- my life runs on sippy cups, lots of wine, + sarcasm. I have one tiny human, Camryn, who you will see very often & one sweet man who is normally by her side. If you have a odd sense of humor, speak exactly whats on your mind, or have an old soul- we will get along just fine. I'm up for just about anything you bring me. I'm based in OKC but always wanting to get out of my comfort zone & explore new places.  

*YES! I am the original owner of Kelsey Dawn Photography. I have recently re-branded to Camryn Wild Photography.  Find out why on the blog!* 


After my daughter was born, there wasn't a moment that went by that I didn't want to miss. I purchased my first camera in 2015 & have been hooked ever since. I shoot with a Nikon D750 that doesn't leave my side. My favorite things to capture right now are pure love & all the crazy kiddos.

Thank you for your interest in CWP. If we haven't met you yet- we can't wait to! -Kelsey

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