Okay guys! 

It's official, Kelsey Dawn Photography has officially changed to Camryn Wild Photography. I know for a lot, it will be kind of confusing at first! I'm still not used to it! But let me tell ya.. I LOVE IT.

I've received a lot of questions about why the name change and where did it come from? So simply to start off, there is another Kelsey Dawn Photography located in Alabama. I've obviously checked out her work- and she is wonderful! Like so good. But it's definitely not me who's behind it! Recently you've probably noticed I've taken on several weddings (making this the new focus of my business because I love love them. It's all I want to do now!) for some clients and vendors that I've got to work with- her page is the one being tagged in my work. This can be beyond confusing for everyone! SOOOO since I'm still "newer" to the wedding game, as Kelsey Dawn (Alabama) is not from what I gather it is easier for me to rebrand to make it less complicated for everyone! Basically, to re-establish myself and make a memorable name- with the help of some creative minds, Camryn Wild Photography was the next big official move! This is the name that will be permanent & hopefully stuck with people! 

So where did it come from?

-if you know me, you know I have a 2-1/2 year old wild child. My little one has her own mind and lives in the funniest, creative, and unique world of her own. There is no taming her carefree spirit. I know right now I probably sound like every other mom, but I'm serious. There's nothing in the world that motivates me more than Camy. So it only made since to combine this love- with her. The "Wild" part came from me always referring to her as my "wildflower" hence the sunflowers/greenery. If there is a field of flowers of any sort, you bet Camy will be right in the middle. 

So thank you all for being patient while I get the rest of the minor details worked out! 2018 is already set up for such a fun/busy year! 

I have loved her, my little wanderer, with a mind full of wild forests and eyes that await adventure
— conny sernik