leap of faith

big news y'all...

this may be long, not really sure yet, so bare with me. I'm not a person of many words but I'm going to do my best. Also why I suck at blogging.

FIRST OF ALL! Bradley and I are getting married this weekend and headed straight to Mexico the morning after- so I will be out of touch for about a week. I will be responding to everyone as soon as I get back. Please respect this- I have a life and special moments too. So once again, bare with me as some people forget that. But for the most part- I am at your service.

It has been on my heart for awhile to go full time with my photography. I didn't know how and I was unsure of even being able to.. because it's scary stuff. It's not a salary or set paycheck every two weeks. It's as they come. Which terrifies me. I feel like I've done so much growing with my business over the past few months, that I'm (somewhat) ready. During the week I worked a 9-5 job and would have sessions in the evening. I have a fiancé and two year old at home that I was missing. I was unhappy at my job, unhappy to go straight into working after- and never getting to truly enjoy my love for photography or my family. Everything was rushed, and as soon as I got home, had dinner, and got my kiddo ready for bed- I would just pass out. My poor fiancé is a trooper. He has been my biggest encouragement to just do it. To chase my dream and not worry about anything. He has been a blessing, my encouragement, and he believes in me. Yesterday was my last day at my day job... and let me tell you how good it feels. I get more time invested into my family, my work, learning, and my clients. I AM SO EXCITED! 

So with that said.. book a 9:00am session with me, even a 7am, sunrise? Let's do it. I don't care. Because I can finally be 100% dedicated to you! I'm so pumped to take on the new journey of marriage and stay at home mom boss. I could not do it without my clients either- you all are the ones keeping me busy and trusting me with the most important moments in your life. & I freaking love you for it. Ya'll are the real MVP.

On a different note- who's ready for some Christmas minis to be announced? I am. STAY TUNED!


Photography by  Ashley Layden Photography