Back in October, Stefani + John had the most intimate backyard wedding in Skiatook, OK. There wasn't a detail missed from an abundance of home-made pies, items passed down from family, and vintage chandeliers hung from trees. The yard was strung with fairy lights and lots of greenery. 

The night before, I made the trip from OKC to my hotel in Skiatook. That night, instead of the traditional rehearsal dinner, the family had a backyard game night with family toast & home-made dinner. I got to be there for this night & get to know the family + wedding party. That really helped me the next day with what to really focus on, and relate with all of them on another level. They treated me as a friend the whole time and it was truly the best experience. 

The ceremony was decorated with lots of eucalyptus and romantic touches such as bible verses, old vintage crates, & lanterns. There was an open bar which started early and food to last ALL night. If I've ever seen a family that can party, it was this one. 

During the ceremony, there was a part that strongly stood out to me. Instead of having a prayer with just the officiant, the couple invited any man who would like to join in prayer to come up & pray over them. This was one of the best sights I've seen as a photographer or wedding guest in general. 

The night kept going with lots of dancing, drinks, and genuine family time. Congrats to the Hodges on all their new adventures!