April 29th, 2017 

So let me start by saying- everything that could have had a negative affect on this wedding day.. didn't! The couple remembered what the day was for, and that it was there were so many beautiful things in the midst of a storm! (literally)

Me & my dear friend Abbye teamed up to capture this day. Abbye is just one of those people that kicks ass at everything she does. So when I have any opportunity to work with her- I will jump at the chance. >>>abbyelainephotography.com<<< 

The wedding was in Stillwell, OK. I traveled from OKC -about 3 hours. Abbye and I met up in Ft. Gibson to ride together, luckily. The rain had been a constant downpour since the night before. The roads were flooded, and we were in a state of emergency. But...show must go on. Our maps took us an hour out of the way! All Abbye and I could do was laugh it off, and freak out through some water. Which, we were being totally dramatic about- surprise. 

We get to the Rustic Pearl, and for a  cool second there was NO RAIN! Our prayers had been answered. For a few short minutes and we got some beautiful shots with some storm clouds and a first look of Tracy and Denton, which will forever be my favorite moments of any couple. 


The food was catered by: PJ's catering located Stillwell, OK.

Music performed live by: Chad Doublehead, Chip Collins, and Sarah Belcher.

Venue: Rustic Pearl in Stillwell, OK.

This couple could not have rocked their wedding day more, or had a more beautiful ceremony and reception. Lots of years of loved ahead of them. Best wishes, MR. & MRS. Wright!