Rose Family

The Rose family I swear are my dream clients! I've had the pleasure of working with them twice now and both times it has been nothing but easy & sweet moments!

Back in January I offered a few Valentine minis, they were the first ones to sign up. Demi always has cute ideas and keeps me updated with outfits (which for future reference- I love that! It makes me so excited when clients treat me like friends and keep me involved!) For their first session, they were so easy to work with & their little Emmy was an angel! They bring a sense of ease and laid back to the atmosphere. Ricki (proud older sister) both times has been a huge help when it comes to her little sister and is truly patient and natural at her big sis duties! For their valentine session, it was also my first session with my new Nikon D750. At that point I was still learning my new camera and once again they were very patient. 

For this most recent session Demi contacted me for family + first birthday. When Demi told me the theme for Emmy's birthday was dinosaurs in tutus I was over the moon excited. Because 1. who ever thinks of that?! And 2. how fun and different it was!

I also love a comparison of these two sessions. There is roughly 6-7 months in between and it shows my growth just over that short amount of time SO much with colors, contrast, angles, and finding the right editing style for me. There is also a huge growth with the sharpness of the photos because since then, I get settings right in camera. Yay for learning and for this sweet fam for sticking with me! <3  A few highlights from both sessions below!

+ most recent session July 2017 +


 + below is session from February 2017 +