Baby K

Cheyenne & I have been friends for a little over two years now. She is the owner of Cheyenne Johnson Photography and has been such a help and blessing to have as a friend.

Cheyenne is picky, crazy talented, has a very modern sense of style, and likes things most people wouldn't look at twice. She has always taken our family pictures *only one I trust to* and pictures of my daughter, Camy. This October she will even be there to photograph our wedding EIGHT months pregnant! Talk about a BOSS MAMA! This was my first time I ever got to photograph her, and let me tell you... I was over the top, all extra, and too excited. This was also my first maternity shoot! 

She has been there for nearly every important moment with camera in hand for Camy's little life, and I'm so glad I finally got to return the favor. The amount of natural beauty and glow this woman had last night was absolutely ridiculous. Even my grandma can't get over it! So, basically, I just want to show her and Matt off because.. perfect.

BTW, book maternity shoots with me. I love the babies <3