It always makes me so giddy when my friends boyfriends come to me and say "I'm proposing and I need you to photograph it." Obviously I can keep the secret, but I'm one of those people that if I know something really exciting is about to happen to you, I can't be around you! 

So basically, that's what Austin did. We set up a date and time when he contacted me and decided to tell Ryan I needed a 'model call' for a couples downtown session. *which keep in mind, no I didn't. I have been hoarding downtown sessions just incase she felt the need to investigate. So sorry if I overload you with them in the next few weeks on social media!* Anyways, Ryan was obviously going to say yes. What girl wouldn't for 'free pictures' with her man? 

So we walked around downtown. Went to several spots like Flint, the park, and the botanical gardens. Austin and I didn't really have a que on when, where, or how he wanted to do it. He was just going to do it. Hoping he would catch on I said "oh there's a really pretty rooftop that hits perfect with sunset. Does that sound good?" thank goodness he did, because I'm so awkward and an awkward hint dropper. 

We finally got to the rooftop, took a few photographs, and then Austin proposed! He started out with the sweetest + quietest "I love you" and Ryan just kept talking over him. HAHA. Then FINALLY she caught on and let him talk. It was the cutest little proposal that was kept personal just between them (& me ;)

I'm already counting down the days until their wedding! <3