Carley + Tyler Hosier

All weddings are special and unique, but as a photographer some do stand out more than others. A lot of couples tend to get wrapped up in the details of their big day, rather than the reason they are there. Carley and Tyler were not one of those.

Nearly everything at their wedding was DIY style. From family cooking the food, making their own center pieces, purchasing their own flowers, and the bride making her bouquet- everything was simple and came together perfectly. Their wedding just goes to show you don’t need every fancy vendor there is to offer, but just an open mind and patience.

The best part of the whole day was getting to witness the love and admiration that poured out of Tyler for Carley. He wrote a novel for his vows and couldn’t hold back tears as she walked down the isle. After the ceremony, I was taking portraits of Carley and her bridesmaids, Tyler teared up just simply standing back and watching her take photos. That was probably my favorite moment of the day.

The entire day they showed so much gratefulness, and appreciation for each other. They are the kind of couple that makes me love my job so much!

Venue: Sparrow Beginnings, Stillwater OK