So recently a dear friend introduced me to the cutest & most simple outfit trend for littles. I had absolutely no idea this brand even existed and let me tell you I have been missing out for nearly 3 years with Camy's wardrobe. Next babe will be stocked up from birth!

The company is called RAGS and basically a small brand that went viral. I've read the story & relate to it on so many levels. Basically, a mom who started selling her kiddos used clothes turned her handmade items into her business. She was down on her luck with no money, and created a romper that was fashionable, unique, and modern. One of her goals was to create something functional. AND LET ME TELL YA... if you have ever tried to dress my kiddo or told her to keep her clothes on, it is a nightmare! Camy loves the feeling of being free. It's a battle I've been fighting for awhile now. 


Like I said above, my child hates clothes. So, I ordered a few for her to test the waters. Instantly, she loved it. For several days we didn't have a battle over clothes, she didn't try to take it off, and actually got mad at me for taking it off for bath time. There's no zipper, pesky buttons, or elastic. The romper fits easy over her shoulders and slips on with no hassle. If my husband has to dress her, there is no worrying about if she will match. As long as he can align leg and arm holes, we should be good. Hah! Not to mention, who doesn't love a business that you can relate to? This mom started her business, believed in it, and now is a total #bossmom setting an outstanding example for her kiddos! Everything I am trying to achieve!

I'm not getting paid for this, I'm not being promoted, just wanted to support and share a business that I truly love now! She has other items like shirts, adult clothing, baby items- but the RAG is just IT.


++++ click her for RAGS site ++++