Mommy + daughter day

If you know my child, or even somewhat follow my post- you know she is carefree, stubborn, says the weirdest things, and is intrigued by sour candy, slime, and getting dirty. 

We took a trip to the lake the other day and Camryn did NOT want to leave. Obviously that was a fight, but I can't wait for it to officially be summer and take this fish to the pool. 

I have been more absent the last month or so on social media. I've been so busy that I haven't got to just enjoy a full weekend with no shoots or weddings. Quality time with Cam was so important and always at the top of my list. I think people forget I'm a human too, with a husband & child. So here's my "personal day" with my little love bug.

*These edits do not reflect my wedding work. This is obiviously personal & I wanted a bright film vibe for her*