+ I'm so glad you're here +

My name is Kelsey Wake. Short & sweet- my life runs on sippy cups, lots of coffee, + sarcasm. I have one crazy toddler, Camryn, who you will see very often & a sweet husband who is always by her side. We are expecting another sweet baby girl, Ellie Kate in March 2019. I love weird things, green tea, a good pun, and my three fur babies. I'm up for just about anything you bring me. I live in Mustang, OK but I'm always wanting to go somewhere new. The places I like to be are next to my husband on the couch, cuddling with Camy, spending time with friends, or on a huge piece of open land.  I'm a t-shirt, jeans, and boots kind of girl- you'll hardly catch me in a dress, with my hair down, or with a full face of make up on. I try to keep life simple, laugh, and dance through it all. 

If you don’t think photographs are important,
wait until they are all you have left.
— Missy Mwac

I'm not good at expressing my feelings- I'm not a person that will overly express how much I love someone, & when it comes down to it- I'm kind of awkward when I try. My love language is small gifts, spending time with you, and visual things..such as photographs. I love to capture the emotion that I suck at putting into words. If you are my friend, you've more than likely received a photo gift from me of us.  I've lost a few people in my life who I didn't have many photos with, that heavily influenced my life. Such as my great grandma or my bonus dad. I got my first camera on the day of my great grandmas funeral, which was also my 13th birthday- hard hit, huh? Luckily, my mom has always been overly obsessed with taking photos, as is my Papa (aka my best friend and most treasured person) Over the years as life got busy, my mom slowed down on the picture taking. In a weird way, I missed it. When Camy was about 6 months old I bought my first DSLR to document her little life that was going SO fast. She's now two and half and not a moment in her life has been missed that she won't have a photograph to treasure. In the tough reality that we live in, someday the loved ones, and even ourselves will be gone. As what started out as a hobby for my daughter, has turned into my dream job capturing these moments for other people. There is no better way for me to give back other than images- in that I've found what truly makes me happy.